What Happened to the Coderetreat Logo

In September, we started to roll out a new coderetreat logo for our community. Some of you may have noticed that the logo started to disappear last week. This is because we made an honest mistake.

Last week, we learned that the coderetreat logo was strikingly similar to Polyglot Programming, Inc’s logo. The similarity was entirely accidental, but it was problematic for both Polyglot Programming and our community.

What happened
Back in August, we contracted with a designer to create a new logo for our community. Part of our agreement with the designer assured us that the resulting logo would be free of any copyright issues. Unfortunately, it now appears that the designer did not do a proper search for prior art.

Last week, we received a very polite email from Polyglot Programming about the conflict a their logo. As fellow software craftsmen, they are supportive of the Coderetreat community and have participated in and facilitated retreats themselves. To that end, they are working closely with us to resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible. As part of that effort, they offered to help us find a designer who could help create a new logo.

What this means to you
We have removed the logo from the GDCR and coderetreat.org websites, and we will not include the logo on any of the materials related to GDCR. We have made an effort to remove the logo wherever we can.

Please refrain from using the logo on any future artifacts. It would also be great if you can remove the logo from existing websites and artifacts.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and I thank you for your patience this year as we have stumbled along in creating a more enticing visual identity around GDCR and our community.

Help us to choose the next coderetreat logo!
One of the mistakes we made was not involving the community with the creation of the logo. We are not going to make the same mistake again!

With the help of Polyglot Programming, we have found a visual design team. Platform45, a development shop with a special focus on design, has agreed to help the community design a new coderetreat logo.

Platform45 is going to create several candidate logos. Then you, the community, will vote for the logo you like the most during the Global Day of Coderetreat!

Read this announcement to learn more.

Giving Thanks
I want to thank Polyglot Programming for how they have conducted themselves throughout this entire affair. Polyglot Programming has been professional and helpful throughout the process. They politely brought the issue to our attention and offered to help us resolve it.

I think Polyglot Programming’s approach to this issue is a sterling example other companies should follow. They have shown what it really means to be an engaged professional software development firm.

What happens next
This in no way affects our plans for the Global Day of Coderetreat. The issue with the logo is just a small bump on the road. We are still going to have a great event. I look forward to November 15th, I hope that you do too!

I am eager to see Platform45’s candidate logos and I cannot wait to see which logo the community chooses.

Thank you for being an amazing community. You have taught me what it means to be an engaged software developer.


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