Our community needs a logo! A good logo will help people recognize events and artifacts created by the coderetreat community. A good logo will help our community to grow, both in size and stability.

We would like to involve the community in the process. Starting this Saturday, as part of the Global Day of Codereteat, we are going to choose a coderetreat logo.

I am very excited to announce that Platform45 has offered to help us develop the logo! Platform45 is a fantastic dev shop based in South Africa. Platform45 has regularly sponsored coderetreats in Cape Town and Johannesburg and they are strong supporters of many other local tech meetups and events. The Platform45 team understands coderetreat and what coderetreat means and represents.

This week, Platform45 is creating a number of candidate coderetreat logos. We will reveal the candidates in time for the start of the Global Day of Coderetreat in Aukland, New Zealand. Then you, the community, will vote on the logo you like the most!

We will announce the details about how the voting will work as soon as we have them.

I encourage everyone to cast a vote. Voting will be fast and easy. This is a great, simple way for you to help shape the future of our community.


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