In case they are of interest to anyone, we have published some academic / professional papers around Coderetreats. Sorry that some of these are behind paywalls.

Parsons, D., Susnjak, T. & Mathrani, A. (2016). Design from Detail: Analyzing Data from a Global Day of CoderetreatInformation and Software Technology, 75, 39–55.

Parsons, D. (2015). Refactoring coderetreats: In search of simple design. InfoQ.

Parsons, D, Susjak, T. & Mathrani, A. (2015). The Software Developer Cycle: Career demographics and the market cl... Paper Presented at the 24th Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC 2015), Adelaide.

Parsons, D., Mathrani, A., Susnjak, T. & Leist, A. (2014). Coderetreats: Reflective Practice and the Game of Life. IEEE Software, special issue on reflective practice, 31(4), 58-64.

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Comment by Adolfo Neto on June 21, 2017 at 12:21am

Great, David!

Unfortunatley not many citations yet. I don't understand why. Coderetreats are so much more interesting than Hackathons. 

One of my MSc. students is planning to write his dissertation on Coderetreats. Will you help us if we need some feedback on our method?



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