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Global Day of Coderetreat 2014

We are very excited to announce this year's Global Day of Coderetreat!

On Saturday, November 15th, 2014, thousands of developers all over the globe will join us to honor our craft, share knowledge, and practice by “playing our instruments behind the scenes” to learn from each other.

Last year, over 170 Coderetreats and more than 5,000 registered participants all over the globe joined us for the Global Day of Coderetreat. This year we expect even…


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Global Day of Coderetreat 2013

A Day Like No Other, Global Day of Coderetreat

I'm happy to announce this year's Global Day of Coderetreat will be held on Saturday, December 14th, 2013!

Last year, on December 8th, 2012, over 2000 developers in 150 cities through 20 time zones dedicated the day to practicing their craft during the Global Day of Coderetreat 2012. Video calls traversed the globe as groups linked to say hello to other cities and…


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Global Day of Coderetreat: An Account from London

Here’s what you do. On Saturday morning, at ridiculous o’clock (i.e. around 8), you walk into a room which has a delicious breakfast all laid out. There are some people running about shouting at each other about “sessions” and “calls”, but you ignore them in favour of the sweet pastries, fresh fruit and hot coffee sitting on the counter. When you’re done, you take out your laptop, and someone with a funny haircut floats over to remind you that you should have a test environment set up for…


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GDCR 2011 in Prague

Yesterday I attended the "Global Day of Coderetreat". It was an event that took place all over the world on the same day. It's goal is to bring together developers and let them code together over one day without any job pressure. By pairing with foreign people that share the same interest, one can try new methods or learn the advantages and disadvantages of other programming languages or in general improve skills.

The rules of the event are rather…


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The Hours Before

It was 3:30pm on Friday afternoon, and I was heading out of work for my daily drive back home. I slipped behind the wheel of my car, turned the key, put the car into gear, and then...sat there.  Because it wasn't just any Friday. In just a few hours, the first Coderetreats of the Global Day of Coderetreat would start.

Before I could start my drive, I thought about what was going to happen. At about 5:00pm my time on…


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Announcing the Coderetreat Community Contribution Fund (the c3f)

Coderetreat events are easy to organize, only requiring enough sponsorship for venue and lunch. It is easy to find a sponsor in cities with strong company presence, but there are a lot of places that don't necessarily have this. Unfortunately, this can be a detriment to running coderetreats and other community-focused, practice-oriented events. To this end, we are establishing the Coderetreat Community Contribution Fund, the c3f, currently operating as a non-profit and under review for…


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