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Notes from Bilbao Global Day of Coderetreat

Hi everybody!

18 brave programmers (from 20 registered) got together this Saturday in the premises of Plain Concepts in Bilbao.
We had decided to start late (10:00h) so everybody would get the opportunity to get some rest, and to drive/commute comfortably.
The group was quite heterogenous; from fluent TDD-ers to some guy not having a clue of TDD. It was the…

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GDCR Madrid (video)

In Madrid we had an awesome time in this very special day of the Global Day of Coderetreat.

I will blog about the experience sometime soon, but I prepared a video of the event yesterday while relaxing.

I hope you like it!


Global day of Coderetreat Madrid 2011 from…


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GDCR 2011 in Durban, South Africa

Our session was held in a training room that was perfect for the event; enough plug points, desks, a/c, projector, flip-chart, kitchen close-by etc which made things easier. Originally 16 people had registered; 2 had cancelled beforehand because of other commitments and 1 did not pitch, so we were left with 13 which was a good showing. We had 6 pairs with one pair consisting of three. 11 of the developers were C# developers, while 2 were using python. Most of the attendees were…


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The Hours Before

It was 3:30pm on Friday afternoon, and I was heading out of work for my daily drive back home. I slipped behind the wheel of my car, turned the key, put the car into gear, and then...sat there.  Because it wasn't just any Friday. In just a few hours, the first Coderetreats of the Global Day of Coderetreat would start.

Before I could start my drive, I thought about what was going to happen. At about 5:00pm my time on…


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GDCR11 in London

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This past Saturday was the 2011 Global Day of Code Retreat, a world-wide event during which over 2000 programmers in 90 cities came together to spend the day practicing the craft of software development. I was…


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GDCR 2011 in Prague

Yesterday I attended the "Global Day of Coderetreat". It was an event that took place all over the world on the same day. It's goal is to bring together developers and let them code together over one day without any job pressure. By pairing with foreign people that share the same interest, one can try new methods or learn the advantages and disadvantages of other programming languages or in general improve skills.

The rules of the event are rather…


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Code Retreat Global Day: Retrospective

Yesterday was the day.

I had been waiting for it for a long time. Lots of people join together all around the world to improve their skills as Developers.

I had the chance of attending the Madrid meeting. It was carried on by Enrique Comba. There I found a lot of people that I met first time in another Code Retreat, a year ago. I met new people too.

My first thought was that I must not to be there. I already have been practising the 'kata' and I already knew the result.…


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Global Day of Code Retreat, Chennai

[Originally posted on my blog.]

I spend the day on Saturday at ThoughtWorks Chennai attending a code retreat. This is the first time I've attended a code retreat and I had a lot of fun at the event. This code retreat was organized in many different cities across the world as part of the Global Day of Code Retreat (Dec 3).

Code retreat is a day long event where you pair with different…


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Why I Am Writing This Week for CSEdWeek

Why I Am Writing This Week for CSEdWeek

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Dec 4th, 2011

This week (December 4 through 10, 2011) has been designed as Computer Science Education Week (CSEDWeek) by the US House of Representatives to…


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Session 1 at Global Day of Coderetreat Today, the Global Day of Coderetreat came to Indianapolis. And it was great.

13 people chose to spend the whole day on Saturday, December 3rd, in the "common area" at Interactive Intelligence…


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My Day at Global CodeRetreat 2011

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For those of you not keeping score at home, December 3 was the Global Day of CodeRetreat 2011.  I was attending the session hosted by the …


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Coderetreat - the need for preparedness

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This observer has noted a repeated waste of time by attendees of the

Coderetreats he has attended. Herein is described a

simple way to be better prepared when you attend your next Coderetreat

Observational Data

This past weekend was the Global Day of Coderetreat and I attended the

one in…


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Simple Design

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Yesterday I attended the Global Day of Code Retreat, 2011 in Sydney. We were incredibly privileged to have the creator of Code Retreat, Corey Haines facilitating.

I found the…


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I attended the Global Coderetreat1 event initialized by Corey Haines2. The

general purpose of this event was to get a bunch of hackers together to implement

Conway’s Game of Life.…


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Global Day of Coderetreat - Attendee Report

Yesterday was my first opportunity to attend a Coderetreat. I am so glad I did. What an amazing day. I think every developer should attend a Coderetreat. Using the closing circle format, allow me to share my experience as an attendee of the Salt Lake City event.

What, if anything, did you learn today?

I learned that I need to slow down and focus on writing code well. The mute session taught me how hard it is to see an architectural vision from the code. It felt like… Continue

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Global Day of Coderetreat - Organizing

Yesterday was the first ever Global Day of Coderetreat. Using the closing circle format, allow me to share my experience as an organizer of the Salt Lake City event.

What, if anything, did you learn today?

The first lesson I (re-)learned as an organizer is that we have an awesome community both globally and locally. There were so many people willing to help out and make this a great day for coders. Of the many tasks required to… Continue

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CodeRetreat 2011 in Prague

Never, never give up to you lazyness. We all know Christmas time is full of events and parties, and I admit that yesterday I was seriously considering whether I actually wanted to go to CodeRetreat and disappear early from the other event of my friends completely sober. I admit my weakness and I am ashamed that I ever doubted. CodeRetreat was one of my best events this year and I must say that it got into my top rated events I ever attended.


1) people…


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Global Day Code Retreat, Dresden, Germany

Heute war ein toller Tag. Wir haben in der Buchbar den Dresdner Part des Globalen Code-Retreat Events (#gdcr11) bestritten. Damit waren wir ein Teil von 2000 Leuten die heute daran gearbeitet haben, ihre Coding-Habits zu verbessern.

Es waren 8 Leute zugegen, so dass wir…


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Announcing the Coderetreat Community Contribution Fund (the c3f)

Coderetreat events are easy to organize, only requiring enough sponsorship for venue and lunch. It is easy to find a sponsor in cities with strong company presence, but there are a lot of places that don't necessarily have this. Unfortunately, this can be a detriment to running coderetreats and other community-focused, practice-oriented events. To this end, we are establishing the Coderetreat Community Contribution Fund, the c3f, currently operating as a non-profit and under review for…


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On the role of the coderetreat facilitator

Coderetreat is a dynamic day with the specifics molded to the individual participants. There is a strong emphasis on self-discovery. The intense pair-swapping allows ideas to rapidly disseminate through the group. The frequent session reflections help with more complete internalization of lessons. Starting over allows experimentation without the baggage of previous experiments. To ensure the objectives of the coderetreat are met and that the participants get the maximum value out of the…


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