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Insights from Sweden/Umeå

When Umeå Java User Group participated in GDCR2012, it was our third Code Retreat setup. This time we feel we have got the hang of it!

There were twelve participants with quite diverse programming backgrounds, and during the day we got to stretch our minds to identify the weak and strong spots of our individual crafts.

At the last retrospective we discussed a number of more or less personal insights gained during the day.

  • The craft of programming is not only…

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Budapest Global Day of Code Retreat 2012

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Last Saturday was about the second Global Day of Code Retreat for us with DeVill and 15 other developers in Budapest, when more than 3000 developers in 160…


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Barcelona Global Day of Code Retreat 2012

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Last year I was in the Global Day of Code Retreat in Barcelona, held in …


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Global Day 2012

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Yesterday, Saturday December 8th, the Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 was finally there. As facilitator of the event in Haarlem (The Netherlands) I was quite excited about this event, and think we it was great and much fun.

Even though we had an event with only 5 people,…


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Code Retreat Cambridge

Code Retreat Cambridge

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a Global Day of Code Retreat event held at Red Gate, Cambridge hosted by the local software craftsmanship group.

The format of the day is to solve the same problem a number of times with different constraints each time. Each problem is solved as a pair and generally uses test-driven development. After the end of each session, the code was thrown away. Although this might seem a little strange, it meant you couldn't… Continue

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Global Day of Code Retreat in Amsterdam

Yesterday I traveled through the cold over icy pavements to the office of Mirabeau in Amsterdam to join my fellow coding enthusiasts for a day of mad coding. There I was joined by about twenty others and even eight children. The younger children set out to learn the Scratch programming language, while the older ‘kids’ went off to play with the game of life. For them (including me) the day was divided into iterations of about 45 minutes. In our first iteration we attempted…


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Coderetreat Münster, Germany (22.09.2012)

On September 22nd Andreas Simon (@ndrssmn) and I (@janernsting) hosted the very first coderetreat in Münster, Germany. After quite some preparations for the event, we were very happy to welcome all participants on Saturday morning. Since they all decided to spend their free time with us, we prepared some breakfast, including rolls, coffee, and tea.

Andreas set…


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Coderetreat Turku, Finland

On 20 November Aki Salmi gave me the the opportunity to meet a wonderful group of passionate programmers in Turku, Finland. My friend and dynamic facilitator Erik Talboom was supposed to be there with us, but he could not make it this time. So I was on my own to facilitate a coderetreat in a country and a city I have…


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Changing requirements

Full version at:


The changing requirements game is something we like to play as the very last session of a Coderetreat. By that time the participants have learned a lot of new things, and have become familiar with game of life. The session is 90 minutes long  – enough time for a pair to finish the job – but we come up with requirement changes at…


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A Code Retreat

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When you can’t talk, your code really does have to speak for itself.

Yesterday, during our weekly meta-skills session, we had a code retreat (thank you Corey Haines). 

The purpose of a code retreat is to get back to the …


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Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 - Nuremberg

Full post text included, originally published at

If you are not familiar with the concept of a code retreat, listen to this podcast (or read the…

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Codeweavers Coderetreat

Last week we had @kevinrutherford in to run a coderetreat. It was the first retreat I’ve taken part in personally, the same applying to much of the team. The day was to focus on one challenge – Conway’s Game of Life, though each iteration would introduce new constraints.

Iteration 1

The four rules of simple code were discussed, aka “Extreme Normal Form”.

Passes tests

Communicates intent

No duplication

Nothing unncessary

Our first run through was…


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Coderetreat London 29.09.12

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My first Code Retreat - Legacy Code Retreat in Frankfurt on Sep 15, 2012

Full post text included, originally published at

If you are not familiar with the concept of a code retreat, listen to this podcast (or read the…


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Corporate-wide coderetreat

Yesterday I facilitated a 4 team coderetreat for one of our biggest customers. It was my first experiment with a multi team coderetreat and it turned out pretty good all-in-all. Read more about this unique experience:

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Code Retreats are awesome!

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At least the one I attended on Saturday – My first one.

What is a code retreat, you’re asking?

A bunch of people who want to improve their coding and unit testing skills meet for a day. Everyone has their IDEs and testing…


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Testautomation Coderetreat No. 1 - A report

On a sunny Saturday in August 2012 we had the first testautomation coderetreat in Munich. Woohoo! This was a kickstart for this new coderetreat format - besides the original one from Corey Haines, and the Legacy Coderetreat format from J.B. Rainsberger. Here is my report from the facilitator's point of view and with some hints about what I am going to try at different other follow-up coderetreats.

It was Saturday morning, we had an appointment with some buns, and I had a plan zero on…


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Global Day of Coderetreat 2012

Check out the official page here

A Day Like No Other, Global Day of Coderetreat

Wow! Last year, on December 3rd, 2011, over 1800 developers in 94 cities through 14 time zones dedicated the day to practicing their craft. This was Global Day of Coderetreat 2011. Video calls criss-crossed the globe, as groups linked to say hello to other cities, welcoming each other to an…


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Sassy, Challenging and Wonderfully Infuriating - A CodeRetreat Review

I attended the CodeRetreat at @SteelCityRuby 2012 and this post is an abbreviated recap of my experience.

It was great! I had fun. There, I've thoroughly explained it. Go forth and try it out when CodeRetreat comes to a city near you.

Oh, you wanted more of an explanation? It was an event lasting from 8am to 5pm and it involved turning programming on its head. Corey Haines led the event with the space donated by 4Moms…


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Steel City Ruby Conference & CodeRetreat Weekend

 This past weekend I attended my first Ruby conference here in Pittsburgh with my friend and colleague Jeremiah Lancaster. We participated in two great days of presentations pertaining to numerous subjects including Gems, Redis, Internationalization, Diversity and a number of Lightning talks.  There were approximately 450 attendees and it was hosted at the Smithsonian History Museum on Smallman street. For me, the highlight was the associated Code Retreat held the following…


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