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Thirty Developers And a Game of Life – GDCR 2013 in Wrocław

The Global Day of Coderetreat concluded on 14 December 2013. Programming communities all over the world have managed to set a new record – this year’s workshops were concurrently held in 180 cities! And how did the Wroclaw edition look like in comparison? Find out in our small summary.

“Thirty coders walk into a room” – this sounds almost like a beginning of a joke. But in reality, it was a beginning of the free Coderetreat workshop that has happened last…


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Facilitating the Global Day of Coderetreat 2013 in Amsterdam

On the 14th of December 2013 - the Global Day of Coderetreat was held at ZilverlineI have experience with coderetreats and also organised one at the 7th of january in 2012, and the …


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Why the Global Day of Coderetreat Matters

Why does the Global Day of Coderetreat matter?

Seriously. Oh sure, today, thousands of developers in hundreds of cities across almost every continent are practicing writing code together. That is cool and all, but why should anyone care?

Because practicing our craft is important. We write the software that runs the world. Literally. We need to be good at what we do. The world depends on it. Coderetreat has…


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