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Memories of a legacy coderetreat

Heya guys,

I just wanted to let you know that we ran the first legacy coderetreat of 2012 in Belgium a little over a week ago. I wrote down a short story about it, that you can read here.

I'm going to blog about the different sessions we experimented with soon, I'll keep you posted here as well of course.

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Surviving the Coderetreat Hangover

Despite it's name, Coderetreat is intense.

You spend the day focused on a single problem (often a single aspect of the problem) for 8 full hours to the exclusion of everything else. You code with many different people throughout the day. On top of all that, you're asked to perform various contorted exercises in order to learn how to write better code. Your assumptions are challenged. Your prior beliefs about code put in question. You learn new techniques and…


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Honing the Craft at Rhiza

(Cross-posted from here.)

This past Saturday Rhiza hosted a Coderetreat for members of the Pittsburgh development community. Coderetreat is a global organization dedicated to helping programmers become better programmers. It does this by helping local groups organize workshops - the code retreats - that let developers focus on key elements of the craft of programming without the…


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