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Summary of Code Retreat w/ Corey

(Cross post from Srulix' Pit)

Last Thursday, I participated in a Code Retreat event with Corey Haines (courtesy of the Software Craftmanship in Israel group), and I want to sum up the insights for whoever is interested, but mostly for future…


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New session idea: Baby steps

Adi and I came up with a new idea that helps people to focus on small steps and also opens them up for committing small chunks very often. The main idea is that people get a very short time box to write a new test and implement it the simplest way possible. After that they get another short time box to refactor the code.

Here you can find the…


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First in-house experiment

I facilitated my first in-house coderetreat last week. It was weird not to have my partner in crimes with me but I managed. For this workshop, I had to add a little bit of theory between sessions, really explaining the basics of TDD and giving some more context around the 4 elements of simple design. So we only got to do 5 sessions.…


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First coderetreat of 2012

On Saturday 7 January Adi and I facilitated the first coderetreat of 2012 in Amsterdam and it was a blast. It was my first coderetreat outside of Belgium and it was fun to see that people were really surprised that a guy living in France and one living in Belgium were crazy enough to drive all the way to Amsterdam to go and facilitate a coderetreat there. All I can say is that I'm glad I can do things like this. It's awesome to see passionate people that really want to change things. It's an…


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CodeRetreat with Corey Haines

CodeRetreat with Corey Haines v2012

by Isaac Sanders


CodeRetreat rocks, and the Law of Demeter makes sense to me now (it means you don’t reach into other objects).

Also, attend any CodeRetreat you can, especially if Corey is facilitating.

For those of you who don’t know what CodeRetreat is visit coderetreat.org…


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Don't Let Your Methods Look Like This!

Don't Let Your method look like me!

I drew this picture with Corey Haines at the Krakow April 2011 Code Retreat. I started with the overall silhouette of the method, and Corey added the eye and the comment. In the end, I think we got an excellent motivational poster. So, developers, don't let your methods look like this!

The right bottom corner is about another thing you should…


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10 Reasons To Attend A Code Retreat

Initially published here.

1. You will love programming again

2. You relive the first moments of programming (unless you started with Cobol)

3. You will see how other people write code

4. You will write and…


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How to Organize A Code Retreat

This article was initially published here on 14 August 2010. It refers to the code retreats organized in Romania between June 2009-August 2010, tipically co-facilitated by Maria Diaconu and me.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned about running a code retreat. We’ve facilitated about 10 code retreats, including one with Corey Haines.The smallest one was with…


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