Am I the only one that is having issues with this site?

I can't create a new user account, I can't login with an existing one, can't use the login with google function ....

Is the code open sourced? I think the community can really improve on the website experience.

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There is a new website for the Global Day of Code Retreat hosted at http://gdcr.coderetreat.org. The code for that site is open-sourced at https://github.com/coderetreat/GDCR. You are more than welcome to fork that and send pull requests for any suggestions and improvements.

The new site has less features than this one, but has a cleaner design. The idea is to port most, if not all, features to the new site.

I am not aware of the repository location for this older site. I'll update this thread if I find that information. But I have the feeling that any further work on this site is discouraged, and any improvement effort should be focused on the new one.

Hi there,

Here's another update on this, if anyone is still interested.

The main coderetreat.org site is currently provided by ning.com. We decided to go the ning route because it gave us a lot of community website features very quickly and with very little effort. However, the site has a lot of problems.

Recently, there's been a "call for help" message posted on a GDCR mailing list, see it here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/global-day-of-coderetreat-hosts/Bh-...

One of the items that we need help with is maintaining the GDCR website. There is a Basecamp project that you can join, where you can coordinate with others that want to help building the site. To gain access, please make a request by emailing gdcr@coderetreat.org.


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