What does the acromy RSVP mean that I see in the event detail page?



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Répondez s'il vous plaît

it means Please respond.

Hope that helps

So why then what means "Change RCVP"?

when I click that I'm encueued to be RCVPed.

Does that meand that the ovner of the event should write me a mail?



I am not sure of how the site is supposed to work I am afraid.

Maybe one of the site admins can help.

Using meetup.com as an example of a site that uses "RSVP" to mean "please register you intent to attend". After having stated your intent to attend, the button face changes to "Change RSVP?" which means "Change your intent", as in "I won't be able to attend", or possibly "Change your intent" by changing from just you attending to you and a friend.

Hope that makes sense now.

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