Hi Everyone,

I made poster with the rules of Game of Life. Print it in DIN A1 and hang it to a wall during your next codereatreat. It acts as a nice reminder. Find the latest version (svg & png) at my github account: https://github.com/marcoemrich/game-of-life-rules

I hope you find it useful. Suggestions and pull request are highly appreciated. 

Thanks to Martin Close for the idea (he always kept a hand drawn version around) and Peter Zsaldos for suggestions.


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png version!


That is a super-cool poster! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Jim. I think it could still be improved in the design department, but that's what you get when you let a coder do the artwork :)

Thanks a lot for putting this up. I've signed up for the Code Retreat on the 26th of this month and I look forward to learning plenty :-)

I used this poster when I ran Coderetreat with my students. It's a great idea but I found that quite a lot of them immediately assumed there would be a grid with only 6 cells (students are very literal). Perhaps there could be some kind of indication that the grid extends beyond these cells (dotted lines? fading cells?) Just a thought.

I usually don't run into this problem since I introduce GOL with "imagine a grid of cells that runs infinitely in each direction". I agree, however, that a visual hint would be helpful. The remaining question is, what would be a good way to display it, without raising other false assumptions?

This is a very nice poster, I intent to use it for the introduction.

Indeed an excellent poster! will surely use it

Well done! We'll use it the next time.

Used it on GDCR13 and it was really helpful! thanks!

I used it too and will continue to, really great poster!

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