About the Coderetreat Community Network


Here's the problem: when someone wants to run a coderetreat, where do they go? Who can they talk to for help? There were a lot of great resources, blog posts, experienced hosts and facilitators, but until the Coderetreat Community Network, finding them was difficult.

Here's another problem: there are a lot of great ideas from seasoned (and new) facilitators. What Coderetreat activities and constraints are interesting? What can you learn from those activities and constraints? What session themes have been done? What can you stress to highlight learnings? These ideas are out there and growing all the time. Unfortunately, finding all of these ideas was difficult; most of them were stuck in the heads of the facilitators. Even if people blogged about them, there wasn't a good place for consolidating them.

The Coderetreat Community Network was created to solve these problems. It is our hope to see the Community Network to become the central hub for all things Coderetreat. 

Take a look around, learn a few things, and let us know what you think!

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